Showing at R-Gallery in the Spring!


I’m totally stocked! This piece was selected for the “Spring: New Beginnings” exhibit at R-Gallery in Boulder. The Exhibit will take place on Wednesday March 3 – April 11, 2021.

What makes this so special for me is that this is the final piece of my year-long Iris Project painting experience. I had this in my head and knew I would not be done with the project until this piece was made. It made it that much more special for this piece to be selected for the spring exhibit at R-Gallery in Boulder.

Though the painting is for sale, I painted this piece for my own home. It is painted in Acrylic with modeling paste (I like the texture) on canvas. It is a 30x30x1.5″ unframed canvas with painted sides.

If you do visit the exhibit, let me know!

Painting Irises with Gouache

While I was traveling in Germany, I realized I did not pack nearly enough watercolor paint for the types of paintings I wanted to work on!

I often like to paint large bearded iris flower heads and though the paper I packed was only 8×5.5″, I wanted some bold colors and therefore the little watercolor pans I packed were just not going to do the trick. Continue reading