Happy New Year

It is that time of year when we all think about what 2019 will be all about. We think of words that paint that picture. The words rattling around my head this year are peace, freedom, empathy, compassion, and love.

These words are enormous. They are words for a lifetime, not just 2019. As I thought of how these would translate into action, this is what came to mind:

I chose to share the start of this illustration in its very raw form. It has only the first coat of paint on the letters. I have not erased the pencil marks. I don’t even know what the background will be (though it will very likely have a lot of flowers).

Why in the world would I post this unfinished, not even fully planned piece? Because it is easy to show the results of of our efforts when they look amazing. What is not easy is to walk the path to get there. Our starts are often ugly, we stumble, we are confused, we get derailed, we fall on our face. When we push through, get up and try again, that’s when the magic happens. It is fully normal for the way to our goals to be bumpy. Enjoy the way there. It is what counts.

If you have it in you to give, be a ray of sunshine in someone’s life. It is not insignificant. It can mean the world.

Best wishes for 2019 and beyond!