Purple Delight

Today’s exploration took me into abstract terrain. For some reason, when I deviate from my trusty watercolor friends and start playing with thick paint that I can swirl and plop on the canvas, I don’t want to do anything detailed!

My friends and family pretty much all know I can’t walk past an impressionist exhibit anywhere. Somehow I managed to miss
Musée d’Orsay on my first and only trip to Paris, a fact that will need to be remedied in the company of my friend Heidi sometime before I die.

But I digress. This little piece was super fun to create. I used modeling paste to give the acrylic paints some body, painted the background with a brush and the flowers with a knife.

Credits: Inspiration from the large clumps of irises in my garden in May; paints by my sis Julie; brushes and knife from Grampi – wish you were here to paint with me!; courage and tips from sessions painting with my friend Jill Rumley. Thought of all of you who are supportive.