Bolt Fabric Collections: Allium Spray

The Allium spray collection originated from a small black and white illustration of an Allium flower which I did earlier in the month.  I really like the playful and bright feeling which the allium flower projects. So many little flowers, balanced on thin stems, moving gracefully with the breeze.

As I was looking for a color palette which would be fun for this project, I was also inspired by the work of a fellow artist. I found a fun palette of purples, magenta, greens and blues which is bright and playful. I abstracted the allium blooms into dots which I then carried into the coordinate designs.

I thought this would be a quick project, but no! I spent almost two weeks reworking the ideas, the colors, the layouts. Here is what I finally closed on for the first colorway of this collection.




I am excited to create other colorways and variations of this theme.  Follow my blog or follow me on social media to see the new designs as they come out!





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