A Journaling “Doodle” per Day (19-26 of 365)

This post is long overdue – though I have been drawing doodles every day, I have not been keeping up with the posts! So, in order to catch up, I will post these doodles in “batches”. That’s not so bad, this way you get a lot of ideas in one post!

First of all, why have I not posted for a while? Well, I had a few fabulous projects to work on (including a brand new coloring book!), and I needed every minute to meet the deadlines!  I am super excited to get back to you with my art journaling doodles. I hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to journal.

Fall Leaf

This funky fall leaf is part of my black and white fall leaf series. These were inspired by a walk in the neighborhood last fall. I had to get these drawn before the leaves I collected disintegrated!

Aspen Leaves

This bunch of aspen leaves (also part of the fall leaf collection) is an illustration from my Aspen tree.

Fall Leaves & Berries

I just loved the little berries hanging out between the beautiful leaves!


This little branch is a reminder of how we can play with shapes and fills to create a whimsical image that reminds us of something we love.

Fall Lanterns

Oops! I deviated from my leaves! I thought these carved gourds and pumpkin would be a fun little decoration on a corner of a fall journal page.

Branch & Berries

More fun leaves with berries!

Abstract Branch

This abstract branch would make a great divider or border on an art journal page!

Indian Motif

Lastly, here is a teaser for things to come. I started thinking of some fun patterns I could use not only for journaling, but also for patterns in coloring books for adults. In the next posts, you will see some studies of ethnic inspired patterns.

I hope you found this post interesting and hopefully inspiring.